What Is Playful Inquiry?

Inquiry is the science, art and spirit of imagination. We naturally associate Inquiry with the logical mind’s intent to satisfy curiosity, solve problems, and explore ideas. Inquiry helps us connect our prior understanding to new experiences, modify and accommodate our previously held beliefs and conceptual models, and construct new knowledge.

Antonyms found in the dictionary: Answer, reply


Playful describes a state of surrender. It involves being open, letting go, and embracing unexpected direction or results. Being playful has positive effects on the body and the brain. Problem solving ability increases after a person has spent some time laughing. This works because laughter turns off the posterior hypothalamus and allows the cerebral cortex to focus on a given task.

Antonyms found in the dictionary: Earnest, serious-minded, sober, humorless, serious, working


Playful Inquiry Combined with Access

We love this TED talk because it demonstrates the use of inquiry and playfullness. Luis von Ahn happens to have access, through his professional role, to virtually millions of people on the Web. Via playful inquiry, and a blatent disregard for limiting beliefs, he and his colleagues have created some powerful collaborations and unbelievable (without the inquiry that lead to the ideas) results. In addition, the presentation has stories that produce a really good belly laugh!

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