What Is Playful Inquiry?

Inquiry is the science, art and spirit of imagination. We naturally associate Inquiry with the logical mind’s intent to satisfy curiosity, solve problems, and explore ideas. Inquiry helps us connect our prior understanding to new experiences, modify and accommodate our previously held beliefs and conceptual models, and construct new knowledge.

Antonyms found in the dictionary: Answer, reply


Playful describes a state of surrender. It involves being open, letting go, and embracing unexpected direction or results. Being playful has positive effects on the body and the brain. Problem solving ability increases after a person has spent some time laughing. This works because laughter turns off the posterior hypothalamus and allows the cerebral cortex to focus on a given task.

Antonyms found in the dictionary: Earnest, serious-minded, sober, humorless, serious, working


Learning and Visioning with Virtual Worlds

Ran Hinrichs at the 2012 Serious Play Conference, following his keynote address.

Ran Hinrichs Interview 2012 Serious Play Conference from Lori Sortino on Vimeo.
This is one in a series of interviews being conducted on the topic of Serious Play, Serious Gaming -- using games, simulation and virtual worlds to help stimulate learning in innovative new ways and find real world solutions.

Ran Hinrichs is the CEO of 2b3d.  He and his family live in the Seattle, Washington area.  He studied abroad as well as at the Universities of California, Santa Barbara and Los Angeles and is immersed in the co-creation of virtual worlds and the technology and aspects of solving real world issues with the participation, observation, immersion, and research gained in utlizing virtual worlds.

The main topics in this interview are: Who’s Who of Game Design; Chuck Hamilton of IBM and IBM’s collaborative framework for play; How to grow your passion in design; example of immersion; transforming education with immersive technology; organic development of education and commerce; residency’s role in business and competency development; social psychology and virtual reality/virtual worlds research; empirical evidence from virtual world observations; what avatars can teach us about ourselves; public spaces; museums where the community displays their work; a vision of a future space with integrative technology; how to create a community gathering space; younger generation as stewards of community

Ran's slides from his keynote:

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